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Welcome! Here at “Back to Tanzania” you’ll find blog posts about my recent adventures in Tanzania, mostly centered around Morogoro where I live with my husband, Tisa. I’m American. He’s Tanzanian.

Morogoro is a medium-sized town in Eastern Tanzania. It’s not far from the commercial capital of Dar es Salaam, and it’s on a major trucking road. Tourists pass through, but it’s not usually a tourist destination. Many foreign missionaries coming to work in Tanzania or Kenya come to Morogoro first to study Swahili at the language school run by the KKKT Lutherans.

Under the “Arusha Days” tab, you’ll find re-worked blog posts from my 15 months stay in Arusha back in 2010-2011. Don’t worry–I’ve made them shorter and only included the interesting ones!

Under “Other Travels,” you’ll find photos, sometimes with narration, of trips to other places–many in the United States, but other countries and continents, too.

I’ve set up a separate section for “Tanzania National Park Visits,” because the parks here are so spectacular, and each visit generates so many photos. Some of these visits are also re-runs from 2010 and 2011. Some are recent visits.

And under “Writing Projects,” I’ll be posting short stories, essays, flash fiction and deleted scenes from the memoir I’m still working on.  Some are about Tanzania, but not all.

I’ll be adding to all the tabbed pages little by little, so be sure to check back with each occasionally.



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